Funding for Rural Broadband

BroadbandAs you may have heard, Congress recently dedicated $20 billion over the next two years for infrastructure investments across the country.  As each day passes large parts of rural America are without access to broadband, the digital divide widens and leaves many rural communities behind.

As an advocate for your local electric cooperative, we MUST make sure that federal dollars are used to support our communities in rural America that need this vital connection to the rest of the world.

Tennesseans have an opportunity to make a real difference, because Senator Lamar Alexander and Representative Chuck Fleischmann are both members of the Committee that will likely determine how this $20 billion will be spent. High-speed internet access is the gateway to the world, allowing access to greater educational opportunities for our children, job prospects that we might not otherwise have, and connectivity for the ever-growing world of smart devices.

Send a letter to Senator Alexander and your member of Congress asking for funding be dedicated to rural broadband. Please do it right now. These critical dollars will support the efforts of co-ops to install rural broadband.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington agree that we must address the information divide in America. The time is right, the funding is available – now what we need is your voice to help us make rural broadband a reality.

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